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A free festival celebrating the life of J.R.R. Tolkien within the childhood haunts that inspired him: Sarehole Mill, Moseley Bog, and the River Cole.

11.00 a.m.until 5.00 p.m. each day Saturday & Sunday 11h & 12th May 2013

This year celebrating the newly refurbished Sarehole Mill with milling and baking; was Sarehole the basis for the mill in Hobbiton perhaps?

Archery • Barrel Racing • Children’s Activity Tent • Climbing Wall • Competitions • Craft Tent • Drama • Guided Walks • Music • Poetry • Re-enactments • Storytelling • Tolkien Tent • Wildman of the Woods
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Anyone want some old Mostly Harmless (ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha Hitch-hikers' Guide soc) magazines or copies of Banana Wings (award winning fanzines)??

Mostly Harmless issues - 41 -73 (1991-1999) inc. & 77 - 107 (2000-2008) inc. Includes artwork by Anne Stokes, interviews with Neil Gaiman.

Banana Wings issues 11-19 inc.

A dozen random issues of Fermat /on the beach /in exile containing ancient BSFA & ZZ9 gossip, sillyness and the antics of many SMOFs when they were younger & sillier (Hi Wag).
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Aside from looking after Na'Quis this morning, including checking emails as she napped on me (she wouldn't let herslf be put in the cot, and after the weekend away is a bit clingy) I have called St Aidan's and let them know about our forgotten night-light (shades of Oxonmoot), and had them confirm they have it, I have also found out about other lost property and emailed aorund about it, plus on returning yesterday it seems the connecting pipe to our loo cistern was leaking! I have now packed the joint with jointing compound - despite Na'Quis' attempts to investigate what I was doing!

Now for our lunches.
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Rumours of the Amon Hen editor having two puddings on Friday night are true.

Rumours of the ex-TST (aka Blueshed on LJ) manager failing to eat all his sticky-toffee pudding at the AGM dinner are true (!!)

Rumours of my having two puddings (sticky-toffee pudding & chocolate torte) at the AGM dinner are false.

Honest ... Na'Lon had eaten half her chocolate torte before I got to finish it off for her. Sadly I couldn't relieve Blueshed of his as I had to go back to wrangling Na'Quis as the speaker began a rather good talk that made several of us (friends of Pennypaperbrain) smile for reason he was not aware of!

St Aidan's College, whilst further from the city than initially expected, had great views towards the Cathedral and the staff were very very welcoming - the catering was great!

(For Pennypaperbrain's benefit he was talking about Tolkien & Rupert, magioc, myth/legend and landscape)


Apr. 26th, 2009 09:30 pm
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So I go away for a few days 'oop north at the Tolkien Society AGM in Durham (nice city, I reckon I could live there it has its own charm despite teeming with people & tourists).
And ... (well this is obviously going somewhere ;) )

On returning I am now a Trustee by election and, on settling down to check email and see what's happened whilst I've been away, I find I no longer just have OpenID (Freud must love that) access to my LJ friends who are on Dreamwidth too, but I now also have an account - thanks Denise!


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