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the_marquis ([personal profile] the_marquis) wrote2012-06-21 10:44 am

Free to good home ish

Anyone want some old Mostly Harmless (ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha Hitch-hikers' Guide soc) magazines or copies of Banana Wings (award winning fanzines)??

Mostly Harmless issues - 41 -73 (1991-1999) inc. & 77 - 107 (2000-2008) inc. Includes artwork by Anne Stokes, interviews with Neil Gaiman.

Banana Wings issues 11-19 inc.

A dozen random issues of Fermat /on the beach /in exile containing ancient BSFA & ZZ9 gossip, sillyness and the antics of many SMOFs when they were younger & sillier (Hi Wag).

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If no-one else has greater desire for it, might be fun to read some Mostly Harmless. Would probably not keep them and could therefore pass them on to someone else.

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So I guess I'll be picking those up with any AHs that I find I need a(nother) copy of. Still haven't gotten to that job, it was meant to be today but faff ensued.